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Personal Training at Catalyst Fitness is very often described as a unique experience. Our Certified Fitness Professionals take the time to make sure that you are given what you want. Here, you will find seniors, moms, elite athletes, and weekend warriors all committing to make their next day a little bit better than the last one. We offer NO GIMMICKS, just proven techniques applied in a customized, well-planned, and effective manner. Our clients are successful simply because we work very hard to create a program that molds into your life… instead of making you up heave your life to fit our ideal model of fitness and nutrition. This proves to effectively create a lifestyle of positive change and something that you can stick to. Remember this: Consistency Is Everything! We teach, we educate, we influence, and we motivate you to consistently incorporate exercise and proper nutrition into your daily life.

To Get Started

You can stop by one of our two (2) Fort Wayne area locations or call us at 260-399-3863 (Southwest – Getz Rd) or 260-399-6637 (Downtown – East Berry St).

Or you can fill out the form HERE and someone will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your initial Private Consultation. This is a great opportunity to ask as many questions as you wish with no obligation and get started on the path that is ideal for you.

How is Catalyst Fitness Different?

We are different because we refuse to accept the way that things have always been in the fitness world. This means ineffective programs, product pushing, overly restrictive dieting, and temporary results have no place here. In fact, the word “diet” is a bad word around our facility… simply because dieting is fundamentally and scientifically flawed. It doesn’t work! Supportive nutrition works! We will teach you the difference.

The bottom line is that we change lives. We give people hope for a healthier future and then we take them there.

We recognize that it is not the nice features of a facility, the number of televisions, or the latest piece of equipment that will get results… it’s an appropriate well-designed plan and then the execution of that plan that will do this. The nice thing is… we offer both!

Achieve your health and fitness goals by working with one of our Certified Fitness Professionals. Your Catalyst Fitness Personal Trainer will tailor your program to your needs and keep you on the right track.


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What We Offer:

Greater Fort Wayne Area

1 on 1 Personal Training
2 on 1 Personal Training
3 or 4 on 1 Personal Training
30 Minute Personal Training
Small or Large Group (5+)

All of our services are available at our facility or at an off-site location such as your home or another gym.

In Your Home or Gym Around The Country

Have a Catalyst Fitness Professional Trainer travel to your home town for a full lifestyle overhaul. Includes full fitness assessment, personal training, nutritional counseling, grocery shopping, lifestyle plan, and ongoing fitness plan.

– Available Per Week Only
– Include Your Whole Family (up to 6 people)

More Information

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