Rapid Fire Athletic Performance Training


What Is Rapid Fire?

Rapid Fire Athletic Enhancement Training Programs are designed to make you into a better athlete. The program utilizes a package of techniques, exercises, and drills put together by the professionals of Catalyst Fitness. This time tested Sports Performance Program has been utilized by many athletes to great success. Increased speed, power, agility, balance, vertical jump, and quickness have been experienced by past participants of this program. We also regularly collaborate with the top professionals in the field of sports performance development to keep our programs on the cutting edge.


We have designed our Rapid Fire Classes and Team Training Programs to be extremely affordable. We feel that we would never want an athlete to be unable to receive this type of training simply because they can’t afford it.


Our Rapid Fire Programs are available for any age of athlete from young to old! We have many options to choose from including 1-on-1 training, small group training, classes, and team training! We are working hard to provide convenient options for you all across the Fort Wayne community! Our Rapid Fire Programs are now available at both of our Fort Wayne locations and we can also come to you!

Six Key Areas Of Focus

  • Body Strengthening to Allow Maximal Strength Improvement
  • Speed and Agility Training
  • Power and Explosive Movement Development
  • Improved Flexibility and Balance
  • Prevention of Injury
  • Proper Body Movement for Maximal Athletic Efficiency

Parent and Coach Communication

Periodic meetings can be scheduled between our instructors, coaches, athletes, and parents to discuss the athlete’s performance and improvement. In fact, we encourage parents to request meetings with the coach. This also gives the parents the opportunity to better understand the program and what their young athlete is experiencing.

Professional Coaches

Like most parents, you want the best for your young athlete. While you want them to be healthy and enjoy participating in sports, you may also have concerns about injuries and nutrition. This is where our programs can help.

Whether your child wants to be the star of the team, or just wants a little more playing time, we can help them reach their goals. Our coaches will push athletes to their limits, but not beyond them. We use positive reinforcement to ensure that they feel good about their accomplishments. At the completion of the program, you’ll see the improvement in your child’s athletic performance and a boost in self-confidence from what they have achieved.

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We can also come to you!

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