Success Stories


Our Success Stories

Here you will find a few of the many success stories of Catalyst Fitness! Our clients are discovering new levels of physical fitness and health each and every day! We are continually updating this page.


Lois EubankI was so delighted to win the grand prize at the opening of the Broadway location. I LOVE my personal trainer Ashley! I have been getting stronger, and my metabolism is up. The changes in just a few weeks have been phenomenal! The exercises are so simple but so effective. Who’d have thought it? Kudos to Ashley!

Adrienne Maurer

An almost 2-year shoulder injury prompted me to check out the new Catalyst Fitness facility on Broadway, which happened to be close to home and work. After only a few sessions with my personal trainer, Ashley, I am now back to full range of motion in my shoulder. The sessions also gave me ideas to spice up my at-home work out routines. Just the thing I needed to get back into shape and ready for summer. Life is good!

Stephanie Stilabower

I have been slowly gaining weight for many years. I had a heart attack in May of 2012. I was taken to the emergency room and while there I died on the table. When I was taken to the cath lab and they placed stents in my heart because of blood clots I decided that moment I would change my life. My weight would not control me anymore. I was going to get a handle on this. A very dear friend of ours introduced us to Cullen McLeod and he was very enthusiastic about taking us on as clients. My friend and I are very overweight and out of shape. We were embarrassed by our size and nervous about starting at the gym. From the first day we walked in, the staff has been absolutely incredible. We are made to feel welcomed and we are encouraged by all the trainers. We have the wonderful privilege of working out with Cullen who pushes us to levels we did not think we could go. I was particularly scared because of my heart attack and even though I went thru cardiac rehab I was still nervous. Our stamina is better and Cullen seems to be able to read our minds when we get scared about what we are doing and start thinking negative that we cannot do it. He is kind but makes us do it so we can see we are capable of doing so much more than we thought. Catalyst Fitness is a wonderful place. I would recommend to everyone and we cannot thank them enough for having such a caring wonderful staff.

– Stephanie Stilabower


I came to Catalyst Fitness to “firm up.” I soon realized that I had a LOT of work ahead of me. My expectations were low and unreasonable…..
I am learning HOW to eat, WHY to eat more than I ever have and WHO I am answering to. I answer to myself, good or bad. I log my food intake and stay focused on being HEALTHY, not a size 2. I am making progress but have so much more that I want to do. I am confident I can achieve all of my goals at Catalyst Fitness with Heather.

– Stephanie

Becky Armstead

I have been working out at Catalyst for about 6 weeks with Cullen McLeod. Prior to starting I knew I had to do something…I was very overweight and very out of shape. I was also very nervous about starting to workout because of how out of shape I was. Here it is 6 weeks later and I am down 19 lbs and several inches and I already feel 100% better. I can’t imagine how I’m going to feel once I meet my goal and thanks to Cullen and the rest of the staff I now know I will reach that goal. Cullen is FABULOUS…not only is he caring and compassionate about me as a person but he is also concerned about my needs and what is it going to take to help me reach my goal and maintain a healthy lifestyle. He is wonderful. Cullen pushes me…did I say he PUSHES…well he REALLY pushes…lol…and I mean that only in a kind and wonderful way…he definitely does NOT let me slack and that is EXACTLY what I need. Cullen has been a life saver and I mean that literally. Cullen is my trainer but TJ, Heather, and Jason have also offered words of encouragement and support. The bottom line is the WHOLE STAFF at Catalyst Fitness is WONDERFUL and I would recommend Catalyst to anyone that was truly wanting to better themselves and take back their health. You guys are FABULOUS!!!

– Becky Armstead

Janice Koogler

I needed a place that could help me workout but not be pushy. One that could understand that I’m not wealthy but I do want to be healthy and you guys did it all. You spent time to help me and give me guidance and I feel amazing. I recommend you to everyone if they even only hint they might want a personal trainer. Thanks so much for the best experience I have ever had.

– Janice Koogler

John Nizamis

I have been working with Jason for a little more than a month now. I love the motivation and targeted approach as I work toward my desired goals. Everyone at Catalyst is professional, friendly and very encouraging. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to take their fitness to the next level to call Jason and find out more about what personal training can do for you and your health.

– John Nizamis

Connie Scott

Since starting the program in April 2011, I have met my goals of lowering my blood pressure and stress levels. I now have a positive mindset of motivation. My trainer, Ashtyn, has helped me gain the strength and confidence I need to make exercise a lifestyle. I look forward to being healthy and learning more about nutrition so that I am can take better care of the body God gave me!

– Connie Scott

Todd German

My 14-year-old daughter, Grace, has been working with Jason E. for the past few months. It is going great and we definitely have seen the results! She plays basketball and softball and has been helped a great deal in both sports. She likes Jason and the way he pushes her and her two work-out partners to do their best. We are very happy we decided to give Catalyst Fitness a try and look forward to continued improvement. Thanks!

– Todd German

Natalie Firmi

Jason, I just wanted to take a minute and tell you (Catalyst Fitness) how much I love the boot camp classes. I have only been coming for 5 weeks and I have already seen such a transformation. I tried on a pair of size 2 jeans the first week I started boot camp and they wouldn’t fit at all. I recently just put those jeans on and they fit great. I can tell differences in my core area, legs, arms, and back. I am extremely happy with the classes and guidance I receive while I am working out. It is great to know that everyone cares about you as an individual and takes time to make sure you are doing the work outs correctly.
I push myself everyday I am in class so I can better myself all around. I have recommended these classes to several friends in the area and I am so excited to share my results with them. Catalyst Fitness is the first gym I have been to that I am truly happy with. Thanks to you and your team, I have more and more confidence each day and I feel great.
I look forward to continuing the classes and recommending as many people as I can so they can see why I love Catalyst Fitness.

Thanks Jason!

– Natalie Firmi

Leigh B.

Jason, yes for sure, all my needs are being met. I can’t think of even 1 thing that you haven’t done. You have met & gone beyond what the majority of other fitness establishments ever do. That’s why I haven’t bothered with them in the 8 plus years I’ve been in the US. I feel the work outs are customized to individuals, and with my limitations that must be a challenge for you. I have recommended you to a number of people. But even with all that said, there is a responsibility on the other side. I do the work outs faithfully 5 days a week. The eating is my problem. With my age (slow/next to nil metabolism) and the weather keeping me indoors (depressing) I tend to graze… it’s healthy food, but the calorie intake is getting upwards of 1500 – 1700 per day… I try hard to keep it at 1200… but I know I’ll get there & exercising does help alot with the mood & energy. I can’t think of a day I worked out & didn’t feel great afterwards… so it’s all good.

I don’t know how the Groupon thing worked out for your business, but it’s worked out great for me… I didn’t know your business existed until then… thank you. You are doing me wonders!

– Leigh

Tom Burch

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Susan Laguna

In my quest for a healthier mindset, a workout regimen designed specifically for me, and a comfortable and inviting environment – I found Catalyst Fitness. The staff is knowledgeable, cordial, never intrusive. My workout sessions are enjoyable, challenging, and progressive. The care and planning my personal trainer puts forth is of great value. He keeps me motivated and I always look forward to my next session. Besides the positive impact of seeing my body’s transformation (fat loss, lean muscles, chiseled body parts) I get to spend a little time with good company. Coming to Catalyst Fitness is a very rewarding experience.

– Susan Laguna

Paul Tanner

I was recommended by a friend to try the personal training services at Catalyst Fitness and at first, I thought it would be a typical personal trainer at a gym. They hold the clipboard, point to a machine and make a checkmark. Very boring and work I can do on my own. When I first started to see Heather, my goal was simply to maintain my level of fitness since, at the time, I thought it was perfectly acceptable. In only a month or so, I saw changes in my body I never saw possible! I have muscle definition, I could now run 5k’s only to finish in the top 25% and people even started to notice major changes. Heather would constantly change up the routine and would get involved with the workout. She has never used a clipboard or ever had two sessions with the same routine. I joined the navy at the time I started to see Heather. 7 months later, not only can I pass the physical fitness test, but I now lead the weekly PT (physical training) for my fellow recruits waiting to leave for navy basic training. In a matter of weeks I will be leaving, which makes me sad that I cannot continue these sessions with Heather, or any of the trainers since they all show the same passion for helping achieve their clients’ goals. I can’t give enough praise to Heather or Catalyst Fitness for the changes they help inspire me to make by showing me I can.

With high regards,

– Seaman Recruit Paul Tanner

Adam Rebber

Hey everybody, wow… what can I say….I never expected to find results like I’ve found with Catalyst Fitness. I feel great! So far, I’ve lost close to 60 pounds and am able to do things that I never thought were possible. Needless to say, I’m very happy.

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Mark Dayton, RN

I brought my kids to Catalyst Fitness to further their athletic goals and besides who wants a lumpy kid? The transformation of my 15 year old daughter Sydney and my 17 year old son Alex was startling. Through individually tailored work out programs and expert instruction my kids got off the couch and became active athletes both are now leaders on their sports teams. Their confidence and physical ability have increased to the point that they are no longer content to just watch the play of team mates but now want to be in the heart of the action.

After having seen the success my kids have had at Catalyst Fitness. I decided to try them for weight loss with some success so far. I have lost 10 pounds and have kept it off despite a hectic schedule and a lifetime of poor eating habits. I have stabilized my blood sugars and do not require insulin and my blood pressure has gotten a lot better too! I have worked as a Registered Nurse for over 20 years mostly in rehabilitation and I knew a lot about physical therapy and exercise. I have been impressed with the breadth and depth of the expertise of the staff and all of them are warm and caring professionals. I checked out a lot of gyms and therapists before a coaching friend recommended Catalyst Fitness. The first day I walked in I knew I had found the best work out in Fort Wayne.


– Mark Dayton, RN

Jessica Fuller – Indiana Tech Volleyball Player

“Being able to work with Catalyst Fitness this summer was a great opportunity to work on individual things that we wouldn’t necessarily get to work on during a season. Catalyst is a great environment to work out in and I would definitely do it again if given the chance.”

Stan Davis

Dear Jason,

As we near the end of the first stage of my fitness program I wanted to drop you a note telling you how pleased I am with the results. Since I began last January I have lost 23 pounds, feel better and am easily lifting double to triple the amount of weight that I started lifting. I consider the program an excellent success and my time and money, well spent.

Some specifics:

– One enjoys the professional, yet very cordial environment, at Catalyst. Everyone involved in the organization is always friendly and helpful. They greet you with a smile and are always willing to help you out.

– Time is taken at the beginning of the program to do a complete assessment, in writing, of the individual’s needs and a plan is developed to lead the personal trainer and the client through the program.

– Your time is YOUR time. The trainer working with you makes you the focus of your hour. They are not leaving to answer a phone, speak to another client, etc. every 10 minutes.

– In my case I worked the first month or so with you and then one of the two days each week with another trainer. I felt that she was well trained and very competent and had spent time preparing for my workout by staying current with my charts. In addition, I knew that you were monitoring closely my progress and had overall supervision of my progress in weights and reps, as well as the set of exercises for the day.

– I see improvement in the center every week. From additional personnel to new equipment to new locker room facilities to the new program offerings, there are many cutting edge and innovative changes in place and on the horizon.

– One is not exposed to a sales pitch or pressured to upgrade to something every visit as is often the case in larger, less personal, clubs. Your personnel have always been flexible and extremely accommodating, even on short notice, to my changing schedule and able to reschedule an appointment for my convenience.

To say the least, my experience with Catalyst has been positive. It is an experience I would be more than willing to share with anyone who is considering Catalyst for their training and fitness needs.

I am looking forward to our continued interaction in the upcoming months.


Stan W. Davis PhD, CPA
Professor of Accounting

Dan Boylan

“Jason Minich has been my trainer for 5 years. His positive attitude has helped and enabled me to achieve and maintain a higher level of mobility than I could ever attain on my own. Since I began working with Jason, I have lost 40 pounds and kept it off! My general state of health has improved and my mobility is better than, as an 80-year-old, I could have expected. The sincerity of Jason Minich as a health professional affects all of his employees. They truly desire to ‘make a difference’ in the welfare of all members.”

Erin Uhey

“From working with Catalyst Fitness, I have gained increased muscle tone and greatly improved stamina. I have also gained a good friend – my trainer. I used to be on medication every day for asthma, and I have been off of it without any major problems for almost a month. I also have more energy. For me, what makes Catalyst stand out is the focus on giving people the tools they need to achieve their fitness goals.”

David Powell

“The single factor which distinguishes Catalyst from other facilities is the personal factor; that is, personal attention to my workouts and goals, including nutrition issues.All staff know me personally and are genuinely concerned about my plan and progress.”

– David Powell

Tammy LaFaucia

“Since I have started at Catalyst Fitness, I feel much better. I have noticed that my pants are fitting much more loosely around my waist and I have gone from a size 22 to a size 18 in a short period of time. I have more energy and feel better overall. The workout environment at Catalyst is professional and the staff is always willing to answer questions and help out. They are there to push you further than you think you can go, but don’t let you overdo it. They encourage you every step of the way and always tell what a good job you are doing. Catalyst Fitness is a great place to go!”

– Tammy LaFaucia

More Success Stories Will Be Posted Soon!

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