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They say that a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. When it comes to businesses, it could be argued that they are only as strong as the health, vitality, and energy level of their workforce. In recognition that every business (and it’s needs) are different, Catalyst Fitness has developed a package of extremely flexible and scalable Workplace Wellness Programs in order to serve companies of all shapes and sizes.

With clients ranging from businesses with as few as 4 employees to Fortune 500 companies, we start by learning about the needs and hurdles that the company faces and then work closely with them to implement a program that provides an effective solution.

If your employees or co-workers could stand to be healthier or if your business would benefit by lowering healthcare costs, then consider a results-driven Fitness and Wellness Program from Catalyst Fitness!

Incredibly Affordable Workplace Wellness Program Options Now Available For Your Company:

– Easy to implement packages at a low monthly cost.

– Health screenings with aggregate reporting.

– Fitness plans, programs, classes, and more!

– Injury prevention and reduced sick time.

– Healthier workforce and greater productivity.

– Much more!

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