Marketing & Membership Manager

I am passionate about fitness and after having spent 20 plus years of my life obese and out of shape, I decided in 2013 to get fit and have not looked back ever since. I went from my highest weight ever of 471, to getting as low as 170.

I found a passion for running and do it almost daily. The journey and challenge to go further is what draws me to keep pursuing further distances. Currently, I have competed in several 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, & Even 1 full Marathon.

I am happily married 15 years to my wife Tammy and have the greatest daughter in the world that is as passionate about swimming as I am about running.


I love producing and writing content for Pod casts, which I produce a hand full of, including the one hosted by Catalyst’s own Jason Minich... the #SmartFitnessShow

I also have been active as a stand-up comedian since 1996 and had albums released as well as have been on national TV several times. From time to time, I like to try my hand at acting and have even been in an episode of both Chicago PD and Chicago Hope.