Front Desk

I am a self-proclaimed goofball from Fort Wayne.

Whenever you see me, I'll probably be wearing a big smile. Life is too short to ever be down!

This was not always my take on life. Six years ago I was 5'7'' and 230 pounds. I went to my doctor and he told me I was at high risk for high blood pressure and diabetes. Since both run in my family, I needed to make a lifestyle change or I was going to have to take shots and pills for the rest of my life. So that day, I decided to change my life for the better and I'm so happy I did!

Now today, I'm 80 pounds lighter and happier than I've ever been. I'm the most happy when I can make it to the gym to continue making my way to my goals I set for myself.

I also enjoy spending time with my boyfriend + family, cooking big meals, and baking in my free time. I really love traveling whenever I get the chance to as well!