Class Policies

Some important things to know:

- Classes are included with your membership! Just show up and enjoy!

- Some classes such as our Cycling classes have limited space. First come first serve so don't be late!

- If you wish to attend a class that is scheduled 'outside of our staffed hours'... meaning that it is at a time where we don't have a front desk attendant... then you MUST be on a membership plan that has 24/7 access. Please ask if you are unsure whether you have it.

- No late entry into classes. If the class has already started, you are too late. Do not interrupt classes already in progress.

- Keep conversation to a minimum during classes. Private conversations can wait until after class.

- No phone calls during class! If you must take a call, you must leave the classroom.

- You must check in at the front desk... even if you are running behind.