Reopening Procedures and Important Information. Please read the following VERY carefully:

To Our Catalyst Fitness Friends and Family,

We are planning to reopen one week from today on Sunday, May 24th. We couldn’t be more excited to see you and open our doors for you again. Your health and fitness is the reason we do what we do. Please read very carefully below as we give details on our reopening procedures, rules we all must follow, and other important information.

  • We will reopen on Sunday, May 24th with the following staffed hours:
    • Northeast (Trier Road location): 10:00am – 4:00pm
    • Downtown (203 E Berry St): 10:00am – 1:00pm
    • Southwest (2488 Getz Road): 10:00am – 1:00pm
  • Our staffed hours after May 24th will be posted on our website at:
    • Scroll to the bottom of that page and click on the location you would like to see.
  • If you have previously purchased and activated 24 Hour Access, you will be able to being using that perk after our staffed hours end on May 24th. If you would like to have this perk, it is currently on-sale for only $10. This is a one-time only fee to activate the service. If you are already a member but do not have this service (and would like to have it), email us at:
  • We will have no group classes until June 1st. As of that date, we will begin a limited class schedule. We will expand the schedule accordingly as attendance grows and restrictions lift. Please check our online class schedule for the most up-to-date schedule prior to attending a class. We will likely be limited class sizes for each class so we highly recommend reserving your spot and arriving early to make sure you are able to attend the class. If you reserve your spot and are not present in the classroom 5 minutes prior to the class start time, we reserve the right to give your spot away to someone waiting.
    • All classes will be ending 5 minute earlier than normal to allow for proper sanitizing of the classroom and equipment.

Membership Billing and Accounts

  • We are reopening on May 24th.
  • Our monthly membership billing will resume on that date. Our memberships process throughout the month based on when you signed up. So any members who normally have their membership process on the 24th of the month can expect that their May membership payment WILL process on 5/24. Normal membership billing will resume from that point forward.
    • No skipped or frozen membership payments will be run. Your normal billing date and amount will simply resume on the day it normally will run. For example, if your membership normally runs on the 3rd of the month… your next payment will be on June 3rd for your normal amount. You WILL NOT owe or be charged for any payments that were skipped while we were closed.
    • Exceptions to this include anyone who has contacted us and made alternate arrangements.
    • Please contact us at: to discuss any issues you may have regarding your membership billing. We are committed to working with you to make things right and fair for all parties during this unusual period of time.
  • If you prepaid for a membership pass prior to the mandatory shut down and would like for us to add back the time we were closed, please contact us at:
  • We are giving out 10 day complimentary membership passes to anyone who wishes to try us out and utilize our facilities on a trial basis.

Safety Procedures

After a lot of research, consulting experts, and receiving input from the CDC, the State of Indiana, and Fitness Industry peers and resources… we have settled on the following common sense approach to our reopening procedures when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic. All members, clients, and customers must follow these guidelines. We reserve the right to refuse access to anyone who does not follow our guidelines. We will be monitoring both during staffed hours and after-hours. With that said, we have chosen to not treat our customers like children. Please read the following:

  • We are not shutting down every other machine and taping off areas of the facility. We DO ask that all members maintain safe distancing of 6 feet from other members. Be respectful of one another and other peoples’ desire to enjoy a safe environment.
  • We are asking everyone who enters our facilities to sanitize your hands upon entering. We will have plenty of hand sanitizer available (just like we always have). Please do this and don’t make us force you to do it.
  • All Catalyst Fitness staff members who are in close contact with members will be wearing face masks. We are not requiring our members and clients to wear face masks. You may do so if you choose. We do have a limited number of masks available for purchase if you want to get one from us.
  • No drinking fountains will be available until after July 4th. You must bring your own unopened bottle to drink or you may purchase one from our coolers / vending machines.
  • All locker rooms, showers, and saunas will be available for you to use as long as you maintain proper social distancing.
  • Towels will be available like normal. As a reminder, you are allowed only 1 hand towel and 1 bath towel per visit. Extra towels are available for $1 per towel rental.… cash only.
  • All members and clients must use the provided spray sanitizer bottles and towels to clean anything they touch before walking away from it. We will be taking this very seriously and you may be asked to leave and your membership privileges suspended if you do not comply with this rule. We will have signage posted throughout each facility explaining how to properly use the sanitizer for maximum benefit.
  • All members, clients, and staff will be required to stay at home and not enter our facilities if you have had a fever within the last 2 weeks. You must notify Catalyst Fitness immediately if you or anyone that you’ve come in close contact with has been diagnosed with COVID-19. If that happens, we will work with you to suspend your membership payments for 1 month and take the proper cleaning precautions to protect all members and staff.
  • Our staff will be sanitizing our facilities many times throughout the day. Please do not stop them or distract them while they are doing so in order to ensure they are completing the full checklist.
  • All personal training staff will be washing their hands after every single client. We ask that our members also wash their hands thoroughly upon arriving and leaving the facility.

Other Important Reminders

  • Our guest policy. You may bring anyone with you as a guest one time for free. Their visit is ONLY allowed during staffed hours. After their first visit, they must purchase a pass to come in or join as a member.
    • At no time whatsoever may guests / non-members enter any Catalyst Fitness facilities outside of staffed hours. If we find that you are bringing non-members in after-hours, we will immediately charge you for their access as well as may permanently revoke your membership. We take this very seriously for the safety of our members and preservation of our nice facilities. Don’t test us on this.
  • We have some amazing specials running right now for anyone you know who may want to join as a member. They can visit our website for more information:

We all know that the last couple months has been an extremely challenging time for all of us. We feel that fitness, exercise, and good nutrition are the foundation for anyone to live their best lives and be healthy. So we are excited to be able to open back up and serve you. Catalyst Fitness and our staff are extremely thankful for you for supporting a local, small business and we hope that you will encourage your friends and family to do the same. As we open back up, we request that you are patient and respectful with us, our staff, and each other. New rules and ways of doing things are sometimes met with resistance…. but please work with us to make the next couple of months as positive as possible for everyone.

If you have any concerns or comments whatsoever, we will be extremely happy to hear from you. Please email us anytime at: