Run Club

Run Club

Strap on your running shoes and join the Catalyst Fitness Run Club!

Have you ever wanted to complete a 5k? Do you want to get into better shape? Would you like to say that this is finally the year that you did it?

We are entering our 3rd year of offering the Run Club and the 2018 season is already looking to be a ton of fun and with a large number of benefits for you!

The way we structure our program is by allowing you to join in at any point of the year. Starting in 2018, our Run Club will now continue all year long with a variety of benefits for participants! Of course, by participating throughout the entire season, you can take advantage of all of what we have to offer as well as get the most out of it for yourself and your conditioning!

Starting with the 2018 Season, the Catalyst Fitness Run Club includes:

  • Guidance to improve your running abilities, level of conditioning, and help you prepare for participation in running races.
  • Weekly group workouts that include instruction, homework for you as you make progress, troubleshooting any challenges you face, and of course... support and camaraderie!
  • Ongoing motivation and support from your Coaches as well as the group.
  • Discounts for 1-on-1 training if you want a little extra attention.
  • Discounts for some race entries.
  • Two levels of participation - one for beginners and one for those who have already completed at least one 5k race in the last year.
  • Off season conditioning program
  • More to come!

The bottom line is that if you want to be a part of a great group of people who are all working to better themselves while led by a highly qualified and experienced coach... then look no further. This is more than just a running group. This is your chance to experience the joy of running, reach the goals you set for yourself, and have the rare opportunity to be guided in-person by a professional level running coach.

Beginner's Program

Geared for those who would consider themselves 'not in running shape' or 'would love to do that but never have'... our beginner's group comes at a slightly lower monthly price but with many of the same benefits.

You will participate with others who are also just getting started. We promise to take good care of you and help you build stamina, get stronger, and finally be able to run that race!!

Beginner's Program - only $19 per month

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Intermediate to Advanced Program

The intermediate to advanced program is built for those who have already completed at least a 5k in the last year. We will help you target new goals and prepare for your next race. Some participants of this level have completed a 5k and others have done full marathons. This is your chance to set personal best times and complete more challenging races that you would like to try. Enjoy all of the benefits of our Run Club as well as the most amount of coaching from our Head Coach, Janet Cassidy.

Meets on Thursdays from 6:00pm -7:00pm at the Downtown Catalyst Fitness location - beginning in January! Meeting location and times are subject to change throughout the year.

Intermediate to Advanced Program - only $24 per month

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Personal Trainer


Bachelor's degree from Taylor University in Exercise Science

Master's degree from Indiana State University in Physical Education and Coaching

Certified Personal Trainer - ACE (American Council on Exercise)

Philosophy: I am here to help each client be the best person they can possibly be. Each person has a different reason for his or her health and wellness goals and I am here to come along side of you and guide you while you walk this road to success. I firmly believe in individual plans, as not one single person is a like, I believe each workout should be catered towards your goals and capabilities.

Hobbies: I love spending time with my husband and son. I am blessed to have such a wonderful family to do life with and I cherish the time I get to spend with them. When I'm not spending time with my family, you will usually find me running, gardening, reading, or just being outdoors. I love being in nature and spoiling our two cats, Penelope and Summer.

Background: I received a Bachelor's degree from Taylor University in Exercise Science in 2011. After completion of my Bachelor's I went to Indiana State University to pursue my Master's in Physical Education and Coaching. While I was at Indiana State, I was an assistant coach for the Women's Cross Country and Track team and mainly worked with distance athletes. After receiving my Masters in 2013 I was hired on as a professor and taught in the Kinesiology Department at Indiana State. My husband received a new job in Fort Wayne, and since we moved I have been pursuing my passion in the Health and Wellness field by helping people be the best person they can possibly be.

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