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My name is Jason Minich – I’m a Certified Fitness Professional and the Founder of Catalyst Fitness.

At Catalyst Fitness, our number one priority is your health and wellness goals. We recognize that there are many options when it comes to improving your health or even weight loss. We also recognize that many of these options are misleading and leave us misinformed and frustrated. Most of us often blame ourselves for our failure to see the results we desire. If this sounds like you, then don’t blame yourself! You Can Be In Control of Your Body! We Will Show You How!

Fort Wayne fitness and Personal Training options have never been this good!

If you are looking for a Fort Wayne Personal Trainer, then we are for you! Plus, we have many different services to offer you from Boot Camp Classes, Workplace Wellness solutions, Group Classes, Rapid Fire Athletic Performance Training Services, Post-Physical Therapy fitness, and much more!

More importantly, we will work with you to find the best way that we can help achieve your goals. We would love to meet you and learn how we could best serve you!




Our Programs Do More Than Just Give You Guidance On An Exercise Program. We Educate You and Put the Power Into Your Hands! The Power to Have Complete Control Over Your Own Body! Click here to read more about how we are different.

If you apply the principles that we teach you, you will achieve fat loss, be more tone, and have more energy. Click here to read a sampling of our Success Stories!

It is my passion to help you achieve your fitness goals. I live for those moments with my clients when they smile and say “Thank You.” I am confident that every Fitness Professional that you will find at Catalyst Fitness will say the same thing.

We have committed our lives to improving yours.

All of this backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Please take a moment to browse the rest of our website. Here you will find the keys to opening the door to your fitness goals. You will find information on our comfortable Fort Wayne area Fitness Studios, our Services, and helpful articles. Take a look at our Calendar of Upcoming Events to see what Catalyst has in store for you! Or, feel free to browse our Wellness Shop where you will find the latest in Catalyst Fitness approved items for sale.