Personal Trainer

I began getting familiar with weight training in high school to prepare my body for football and other sports and I fell in love with how it made me feel both physically and mentally. I enrolled myself in the advanced weight training classes they offered at school in order to learn more about proper form and techniques of weight training.

My professional journey began in my early twenties at American Health and Fitness as an instructor and eventual divisional manager of the gym. It is here where I really started to realize the importance of health and wellness for others and it became my passion! I have worked with all ages and abilities helping individuals lose weight as well as increase strength and endurance with a personal goal of giving people more energy, confidence, and overall well being.

My approach with clients is sitting down and being sincere and getting to know the individual first and foremost. Then, I really like to get to know about their strengths and weaknesses regarding nutrition and working out! If they have never exercised before or if it’s been a long time, I really like to start slow and make sure I fully understand what is the best level and approach for them. I like to sit and talk about the overall goals they have for themselves and encourage them to set smaller goals and use them as stepping stones in order to carry that momentum to eventually hit new goals in their fitness journey. I love celebrating their progress with them!

* 10 Years in the Health and Fitness Industry

* Certified Personal Trainer through ISSA

* Currently working on my Strength and Conditioning Certification through ISSA

Some of my favorite activities outside of the gym are playing basketball, flag football, and spending time with my wonderful wife and stepdaughter. We love hiking at the acres land trust trails or the Great Smoky Mountains trails.

If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you!