Background: I have been involved in some sort of athletic/competitive activity practically my entire life – but it wasn’t until I graduated high school that I really started taking my health into my own hands. I started lifting regularly and absolutely fell in love. A few years later, however, I began experiencing crippling abdominal pains and was eventually diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis; my life would never be the same. There is no cure, pill, or treatment for pancreatitis – only a life of wellness, healthy eating, adequate hydration, proper sleep, and stress management would allow me to live a normal life again. It took roughly two years to live a normal life again, and I even went on to compete in 2 natural bodybuilding competitions in late 2013. After having conquered my body and achieving this long-time goal - I dedicated my life to inspiring others to live well.

Philosophy: I am currently enrolled at The University of St. Francis as a Nutrition major and Exercise Science minor. I’m so thankful for my time at USF, but one class stands out the most. That class was entitled “Stress Management” and it completely changed my approach to wellness, both in my own life and in my prospective clients. In this class I finally began to grasp the notion that emotional, social, spiritual, environmental, mental, and physical health are all key in achieving a life of wellness.

It is my aim to inspire others to ‘thrive’ rather than just ‘survive.’ I am set to graduate in December 2017 – and am honored for the opportunity to join the excellent training staff at Catalyst as both a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist!

Hobbies: Music has always been my first love. I have been drumming since I was 10 years old, and am currently putting those skills to use behind the turntables as I launch my career as a house music DJ and producer. Other hobbies include: golf, hiking, yoga (when I can) – bonus points if a dog is involved in any of these!